The next generation rapid analyzer

mylab – food labelling within 2 seconds

mylab is a high precision device for real-time quality control of meat, meat products, and cheese, that helps our custumers to maintain consistant product quality. Mylab ensures customers high level of quality during entire production process.
The measurement is performed within a few seconds in a non-contact and non-destructive manner without additional chemical consumption. The mylab is supplied by the manufacturer with a robust basic calibration for meat and sausage products or cheese, so that the measuring instrument is immediately ready for use. Adaptation to the user’s products is possible at any time at low cost.

Parameters for meat and sausage products:

  • BIG 7 (calorific value, fat, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, sugar, protein, salt) according to EU-VO 1169/2011
  • Dry matter, organic dry matter, water, extraneous water, ash
  • pH value, aw value
  • Hydroxyproline, connective tissue protein
  • Fat-protein ratio, water-protein ratio
  • Basic calibration covers the product groups fresh meat, raw, scalded and cooked sausage of beef and pork

Parameters for cheese:

  • Fat
  • Product moisture
  • Protein
  • Fat in dry matter
  • Basic calibration includes the product groups Harzer cheese, semi-hard cheese and sour milk quark

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Features of the mylab

The large measuring field diameter (60 mm) enables the measurement of heterogeneous samples in measuring vessels made of special glass, even without a sample rotator. The user-friendly 1-click software is operated in an uncomplicated manner via an integrated touch PC. The software provides the user with full-fledged product management, a sample database, and interfaces for importing and exporting data.
With a required footprint of 24 x 33 cm and a total weight of 5 kg, the device system can be used flexibly at a wide variety of production sites. The integrated Ethernet port offers the possibility of easy integration of the device into a company network and enables uncomplicated and fast remote maintenance of the device by our product specialists.


  • 21 parameters relevant in the meat industry in a few seconds
  • small price
  • small footprint and low weight = flexible use everywhere
  • no chemical consumption
  • easy-to-use 1-click software saves personnel and training costs
  • Cost-effective adaptation to your specific products

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